About Lantern Training

Welcome to Lantern Training

Based in Nairobi, Lantern Training  specialises in soft skills training, psychometrics, leadership development, executive coaching and team building, designing and delivering a range of quality training, self-awareness and team development programmes to light up and improve the way your teams work.

With more than 25 years’ experience in leadership, communications, training and coaching, we will help your people build the soft skills they need to develop professional, productive, trusting and enduring relationships with customers, managers, peers and teams. Working as your business partner, we aim to get to the heart of your business and performance challenges, identifying the skills gaps of your teams and developing tailor-made programmes to really impact the reputation of your brand and the long term growth of your organisation.

We also  offer the world-acclaimed  Lumina Learning and Myers Briggs psychometrics programmes to light the pathway for your teams, helping individuals in their own personal and professional development and helping teams work together more productively, effectively and cohesively.

Our team building programmes  for small groups or cross-company, are unique in the market and designed  to impart valuable skills through fun, high energy and dynamic challenges and activities.

Lantern Training’s rapidly growing client base spans a wide range of industries and includes start-up businesses through to NGOs and large international companies. If you’re looking for a training organisation to light up your business, with a flexible and results-oriented approach and a strong track record, why not contact us?

Our Approach

At Lantern Training, we believe firmly in the importance of practical application and role play in effective learning and changing behaviour. We take a very interactive and impactful approach to our training courses; during every session, everyone is challenged to think about how they currently operate, discuss what they find difficult, talk about what they could do better and practice all the skills and techniques that we give them. We believe this is what makes training at Lantern uniquely different.

  • Professional soft skills courses and team building workshops at a location of your choice
  • Tailor-made learning solutions to suit every business and individual
  • Cost-effective training designed to make a real difference
  • Wide range of quality-assured courses
  • Fun, interactive training which combines the latest thinking with role-play and practical experience
  • Specialist, experienced trainers

“85% of job success comes from having well-developed soft skills and people skills. Only 15% comes from technical skills and knowledge.”

– Harvard Business School

Our Team

Lucy Brewster

Lucy has built her career in communications and training, and as a Board Director for a global communications firm, she has provided consultancy, facilitation, and training for organisations in the UK, Argentina, Thailand and Kenya. She moved to Kenya in 2013 where she founded Lantern Training.

David O. Sijenyi

David is an experienced sales trainer, with proven experience in transforming skills and performance of sales teams. David has over 15 years’ experience in hands on sales, business development, media sales, software sales, customer service and training.

Ruguru Gichuki

Ruguru is an outstanding experiential facilitator with experience in team building and team dynamics. Her specialty is in bringing the best out of teams by designing and implementing programmes and workshops that help each individual to understand themselves and their team as a whole.

Mwongera Mutiga

Mwongera has worked within the International Development Space for 20 years with experience both as a consultant and as a leader of Corporate Business and International NGO operations in East Africa.

Susan Kiamba

Susan Kiamba is a respected facilitator and corporate trainer & learning & development specialist with over 10 years of experience in designing staff capability development programmes, managing learning projects and delivering effective communication skills training.

Justa Njeri

Justa possesses valuable hands-on experience in developing and delivering soft skills training through her work as a learning and development professional over the past 10 years. She has worked in various sectors including horticulture, NGO, security and financial services.

Eunice Kamau

Eunice is an experienced soft skills trainer and certified Dispute Mediator. She is passionate about transforming teams through training and her engaging and relational training style focuses on team collaboration, healthy workplace cultures and mutual accountability, allowing teams to achieve set goals in a healthy and productive work environment.