Invest in the healthcare of your team and develop professional and personal wellbeing practices

Our work productivity and wellbeing are intricately connected.  How often can we say that aspects in our personal life such as relationships, financial difficulties or unhealthy lifestyle habits are impacting how we function at work?  The stress we experience at work often comes home with us.  Difficult situations at home can easily creep in to how we respond to colleagues. And at times, this is challenging to manage.

We are increasingly aware of how important it is to give our mental health attention and support.  In order to fully attend to our health systems, we need to acknowledge and work with both physical and mental health.  Here at Lantern, we are in tune with the psychological processes our clients experience and have built a team of professionals to meet these needs.

Our lead facilitator, Jess Brainch, is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and a member of the Kenya Psychological Association (KPsyA).

Jess believes in an integrative approach to health and wellbeing, acknowledging and working with mind, body and environmental aspects to achieve optimal health.  We offer face-to-face and on-line sessions for both groups and individuals and workshop topics include:

  • Stress management;
  • Understanding anxiety;
  • Dealing with change and adversity;
  • Creating a work-life balance.

By engaging in these workshops, Jess’ aim is to guide groups and individuals through sustainable growth and change.

Please contact us to talk more about your organisation’s health and wellbeing needs.

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