• Testimonials

Personal Development and Psychometrics:

“Exciting, very helpful and valuable course. I would do it again and again. It has opened me up as a person. This should be encouraged in all organisations”. International Organisation for Migration

“It was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. I learned so much about myself and am 100% that it will help me in the way I work with clients and colleagues alike”. Bowmans Law

The workshop provided me with an excellent opportunity for self-reflection and to improve on personality traits. The facilitators were experienced and knowledgeable, and all the exercises were constructive and beneficial.” FSDA


 “I found the examples and illustrations so valuable and allowed reflecting on and understand the leadership styles that are there. I would highly recommend this programme to others looking for a good overview of leadership and how it affects people.” World Vision

 “A unique and powerful experience that challenges your thinking and improves self-awareness.” Jubilee Health Insurance

“The programme developed a greater understanding of working together as a team, it was also valuable in creating an open environment and solutions to solve problems.” Airtel


 “The course was a great reminder of the importance of communication, and helped individuals remember that communication is more than just talking. The programme covers a breadth and depth of topics, from speaking and listening, to writing and reading. They are presented in a way that is engaging and easy enough for most learners.” World Food Programme Somalia

 “The whole experience allowed me to add value to my existing knowledge and skills, so as an individual with a non-science/engineering background, this was very beneficial to me.” Goethe Institut

“It was excellent! I enjoyed every moment. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who has trouble communicating”. Sama

Sales and Service

“It’s helped me let go of my fears and to make a commitment to succeed in my career and personal goals.  To act, think and behave like an entrepreneur.” Direct Payment Online

 “A well-tailored programme presented in a very simple and understandable way. I would highly recommend to all customer care service providers.” TrustGro

“The training inspired in me so much food for thought. Simply, but effectively delivered, and packed with practical learning. I left completely energised.” 4G Capital

Office Administration & Efficiency

‘’Involving, interesting, participatory and mind-opening. Simply understandable and applicable.” Esillor

“The training was just what I needed and so relevant to my career. A real eye opener and I hope to put as much as possible into practice.” Anjarwalla & Khanna

Team Building

 “The team building activities took me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to immerse myself in the group. I learned how to adapt to other personalities, give feedback in an objective way and work collaboratively with people who have different skills sets and backgrounds than my own.” Dan Church Aid

 “It gave me a clear appreciation of the importance of working as a team and provided me with an opportunity to reflect on the bigger picture of how we work as a team.” World Food Programme Kenya.