• Testimonials

Sales and Service:

“The training inspired in me so much food for thought. Simply, but effectively delivered, and packed with practical learning. I left completely energised.”

Bank without Borders

“Informative, interactive, ambitious yet realistic and practical.”

Asille Trading

It’s helped me let go of my fears To make a commitment to succeed in my career and personal goals.  To act, think and behave like an entrepreneur.



“This was an invaluable course. It has left me with more confidence than I ever had before and really helped to improve my interpersonal skills.”

Independent Learner

“It was excellent! I enjoyed every moment. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who has trouble communicating”.

Flower Hub

“It was a life changing course on how I would relate well and effectively communicate for a better working environment in the company and in the outside world”.

Bowmans Law

Leadership and Management:

“Lantern’s training services are first rate, and we routinely engage them to upskill our in-place field management.  We are not an easy customer: our business model and skill sets demand a complex blend of training materials.  Lantern went into great detail to conduct a training needs analysis to fully understand our requirements before customising their courses for our purposes. All our management team reported 100% satisfaction, and the performance improvement was immediate.”

4G Capital

Personal Development and Psychometrics:

Life-changing! The training has helped me to get a broader view of the personalities in the team. I believe we can now relate better as a team with more appreciation of the diverse personalities and the role they play.

Service for Foreign Policy Instrument

“It was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. I learned so much about myself and am 100% that it will help me in the way I work with clients and colleagues alike”.

Bowmans Law

“A journey to self discovery, self development and leadership development.”

Open Society Initiative for East Africa

“Exciting, very helpful and valuable course. I would do it again and again. It has opened me up as a person. This should be encouraged in most if not all organisations. I am grateful!”

International Organisation of Migration

Office Administration & Efficiency:

Involving, interesting, participatory and mind opening. Simply understandable and applicable.


“So impressed by the course as it addressed the most critical challenges in our day to day working life. Most importantly, I have learnt to respect others’ time, to plan accordingly and plan for our actions.’’

Lake Turkana Wind Power

“The training was just what I needed and so relevant to my career. A real eye opener and I hope to put as much as possible into practice.”

Anjarwalla and Khanna

Team Building

“Overall, it was a fantastic day – I made the right choice coming to Lantern for our team building. It was full of fun and engaging and none of our employees wanted to leave in between the sessions – I’ve never known that before!  The team feels refreshed and re-energized, like they have been given a second lease of life.”

Nissan Kenya

“Lantern developed and delivered a really excellent one-day training to meet our team-building needs.  Participants were engaged, learned a lot, had fun, and took away new knowledge, tools and ideas to apply in the workplace and their personal lives.  We highly recommend Lantern for team building and leadership development, and would not hesitate to use their services again”.

International Development Research Centre