Interactive workshops to support your team now

To ensure that we keep supporting your teams through the current crisis, we are running a series of focused, practical and interactive On-line Training Workshops for both individuals and teams.

Investment in your people is now more important than ever:

  1. Your leaders need to adapt their management styles to ensure their teams stay productive, focused and motivated.
  2. Your teams need to cope with new challenges, build emotional resilience and adapt to change faster than ever.
  3. Your sales and service teams need to innovate and invest in their customers now to build loyalty for the long term.

Our virtual workshops are short and to the point, yet give your teams the personal connection and engagement that e-learning never can. We can deliver them at a time to suit your organisation and to any number of your staff whilst they are working from home or from the office.

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These are some of the on-line workshops we offer

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Management Skills

  • Helping your teams thrive whilst working from home

    The current situation is creating enormous challenges in the way we lead and support our teams to work effectively, ensuring they are safe, focused, motivated and on track. Managers across Kenya have been thrust into the position of leading virtual teams for the first time whilst adapting to their own personal challenges. New skills and new approaches are essential and we need to adapt fast! This workshop explores tips to managing teams remotely, how to stay connected and how to support the emotional well-being of your teams.

  • Leading remote teams

    The current crisis is a key leadership moment for managers and leaders to help others and to do the right thing. It is an opportunity for us to rise to the occasion and to be our ‘finest hour!’. In the second workshop of our management series, we look at specific skills needed to manage your team’s workload and time. We look at the importance of setting expectations and clarifying needs, delegating virtually and how to keep your team on track.

  • Inspiring and motivating from afar

    In the third workshop of our management series, we give your managers the tools and techniques to motivate their teams and build team spirit. Virtual meetings need not be a one-way communication and we will suggest a variety of innovative and engaging ways to keep connected, engaged and motivated.

  • Innovating your business to survive

    This current global pandemic situation calls for a new way of operating, the development of a Growth Mindset and greater adaptive capacity to both the world of work and home life. This interactive and inspiring workshop will help your leaders and those working in business development to look at the concepts of a Growth Mindset and their adaptive capacity.

    We will provide pragmatic techniques to help your team become more innovative and creative in their approach to life and work.

Supporting Your Teams

  • Holding virtual meetings - our top tips

    Holding virtual meetings is new for many of us and many teams are struggling to adapt. In this engaging session, suitable for all your team, we look at top tips to chair and lead a meeting and ways to ensure they are productive and effective. We help your team set their own ground rules and suggest innovative and fun ideas to keep energy levels and engagement high.

  • Managing stress and anxiety

    As most of the world continues through lockdown, we are not only all experiencing the far-reaching economical impact of Covid-19, but also the emotions this generates. Emotions such as anxiety, fear, fatigue and panic put extreme pressure on us and impacts our ability to focus on the right priorities, think clearly, manage our relationships effectively and make the right choices. This workshop led by our team’s psychologist Jess Brainch, explores how we can better take care of our professional and personal well-being.

  • Building your resilience

    As the world starts to recover from the crisis, we need our teams to be stronger than ever before. Sales teams will need to carve out market share, service teams will need to build rapport and support their customers more than ever before, leaders will need to bounce back fast to take the company in a new direction and teams will need to take these new changes in their stride. Courage and resilience of your teams will be the differentiator of your business post-Covid-19 and this workshop sets out to give your team the tools, insight and reflection they need.

  • Communication in the virtual world

    The sweet spot of Lantern Training, we take a look at the all important communication skills set of your teams and share how we all need to adapt to thrive in this economic crisis. No longer can we get by with the emotional energy and connection of a face to face meeting and need to work harder to communicate clearly and effectively, yet still build rapport and trust with our colleagues and stakeholders.

  • Straight talking in difficult times

    Meaningful and direct communication is essential in difficult circumstances when time is of the essence but it can often be difficult to say what you want to and get your voice heard. This practically focused workshop will introduce some tried and tested models to help managers and teams give feedback to each other, get their point across when it really matters and will help your team explore and overcome the barriers to straight talking in organisations.

  • The impact personality plays in working in a virtual world

    We are all responding to this crisis in different ways and our personality plays a huge part in this. In this interactive workshop led by behavioural psychology expert Lucy Brewster, we discuss the personal impact this crisis is having, complete a quick personality test during the workshop and learn a little about the personality of others in the team. This workshop is designed for teams of 10 or less and all participants will receive personalised advice on how to cope better during change.

Supporting Sales and Service Teams

  • Getting your sales team ready!

    Whilst your sales teams may be restricted in movement now and customers may be slow to buy, there will come a time when the race for new market share will be fast and furious! This is the perfect time to get your sales teams into the “win” mind-set and focused on doing everything they can do now to prepare for later. During one inspirational workshop or a series of practical sessions, we help your team clarify their ‘why’, think through their sales strategy and message, build a pipeline, qualify their prospects and get ready at the starting gate!

  • Serving your customers through the hard times

    Businesses of the future support their customers through tough times and now is the time to build long term loyalty and trust. During one inspirational workshop or a series of practical sessions, we help your customer service team understand their role, learn to understand their customers’ needs, practice the techniques and disciplines to change long term habits and go the extra mile. “If you are standing next to them now, they will walk with you later”.

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