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Which personalities make up your team?

MBTI is a personality preference tool that helps you understand you. It involves you taking a questionnaire which asks you a series of questions about the things you do and the way you like to think about things. MBTI was developed by a mother and daughter: Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers back in the 1940s. Since then […]


Demystifying the multi tasking myth

We all do it: Texting while walking, sending emails during meetings, chatting on the phone while cooking dinner. In today’s society, doing just one thing at a time seems downright luxurious, even wasteful. But chances are, you’re not doing yourself (or your boss or your friends and family) any favours by multitasking your way through […]


Transforming your sales team

Every sales force is made up of the typical bell curve comprising A-players, B-players and C-players. 80% of the revenue is generated by the A-players (who usually represent around 20% of the sales force). They seem to figure out how to be successful, regardless of the economy, competitors, aging product or any of the other […]