Every sales force is made up of the typical bell curve comprising A-players, B-players and C-players. 80% of the revenue is generated by the A-players (who usually represent around 20% of the sales force). They seem to figure out how to be successful, regardless of the economy, competitors, aging product or any of the other numerous excuses cited on the Monday morning sales call.

For many sales leaders, the key to significant growth is enabling the B-players to perform like A-players. While many B-players have the potential, it is unrealised because, unlike A-players, they require specific help to upgrade their performance.

In the world of complex business-to-business selling there is no such thing as a born salesperson. Everyone who excels in this space had to learn. It’s the same with golf. No one is born a natural golfer. It doesn’t matter how athletic people are: if they are given a golf club without any training or coaching, they will become frustrated and abandon the sport. On the other hand, anyone can become a decent golfer with appropriate training and coaching.

If you want to see a predictable improvement in the flow of business from your B-players, don’t focus on the transaction (the dependent variable) they have no control over. Focus their attention on variables in the selling process that they do have control over. Figure out what your A-players do before selling. Then train and coach your B players to master such basics. This will dramatically improve their performance.

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