A Kenyan firm has scooped two prestigious awards at the recent international Association of Business Psychology conference in UK.

Lantern Training, based in Nairobi, is one of Kenyan’s leading people development and training firms, and its work with regional clients in the areas of people development and business psychology has seen it beating nominations from across the world to win a project award for ‘Excellence in Diversity, Equality and Inclusion’, and the Association’s coveted ‘Chairman’s Award’.

Lucy Brewster, Managing Director at Lantern Training said: “We are thrilled to be recognised globally for the work we do here in Kenya to develop skills, bring teams together and to help people work more cohesively”.

“Kenya’s economy continues to grow rapidly.  Investing in people is rising up the corporate agenda, becoming an increasingly high priority for many organisations in the region.”

Lantern’s programmes in the field of learning and development, working across East Africa with many international NGOs and commercial organisations, has put Kenya firmly on the map for innovation in the use of psychometric profiling, leadership, communications, and soft skills training.

“Understanding other people is not always straightforward” continues Ms Brewster, “our role is to help companies build those soft skills that enable management, team leaders, staff and in some cases, owners, work together more effectively through understanding their innate strengths and valuing the contributions that others bring.”

With more than 25 years’ experience in its field, the company is helping build the skills that today’s workforce needs to develop professional, productive, trusting and enduring relationships with customers, managers, peers, teams, and stakeholders.

Lantern Training, one of Kenyan’s leading people development and training firms has just scooped the global award for ‘Excellence in Valuing Diversity’, awarded by Lumina Learning: a world-leading provider of highly innovative psychometrics.

Collecting the award at this year’s global conference in London, amongst some of the world’s leading trainers and coaches, Lucy Brewster, Managing Director at Lantern Training said; “Valuing diversity is central to what we do at Lantern, and we are just thrilled to be recognised globally for the work we do here in Kenya to unify teams and to help people work better together. In all our programmes, we strive to help teams understand the importance and value of diversity, helping them to understand their own unique strengths and challenges and to appreciate the uniqueness that each person brings to the team”.

Lantern Training is a leading light in this field, working across East Africa with many international NGOs and commercial organisations. Lucy continues “With more than 25 years’ experience in leadership, communications, soft skills, and training, we focus on helping to build the soft skills that today’s workforce needs to develop professional, productive, trusting, and enduring relationships with customers, managers, peers, teams, and stakeholders. We aim to get to the heart of organisational and perfomance challenges, identifying the skill gaps of teams and developing tailor-made programmes to really impact the reputation of brands and the long-term growth of organisations”.

As East Africa’s leading providers of the Lumina Learning suite of development tools, Lantern offers cutting-edge personality, emotional intelligence, and leadership tools; transforming organisations by transforming people.

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High level of self-awareness means really understanding who you are, why you act, communicate and respond as you do, truly knowing your strengths, weaknesses, positive and negative emotions and what motivates you.

When you are self-aware, it is easier for you to understand other people and be aware of how they view you. It also allows you to notice how your behaviour impacts others around you so that you can adapt accordingly. High levels of self awareness equals high emotional intelligence and that is one of the most important factors to success.

Improving self-awareness is a life long journey, but a journey you can accelerate at any time. One thing for sure is that throughout your career you will either work as part of team or you will lead a team. Self-awareness can be a game-changer for either!


Self-awareness for leaders

High levels of self awareness as a leader is the foundation of a strong character, where leaders lead with purpose, trust, authenticity and openness. Leaders have a clear understanding of who they are and what they need most from other people to build a successful team.

Self-awareness ensures leaders can identify the gaps and weaknesses in their management style, clearly shows up the areas in which they are effective and where they might need additional effort and focus. Such leaders positively motivate their employees, inspire and engage their teams to perform better, are constantly looking at ways to improve their leadership skills and nurture a more supportive and effective business culture.


Self awareness for teams

Teams with high levels of self awareness feel accountable for each other’s success, and willingly provide support and candid feedback to help each team member be their best.

Self-aware teams are:

  • More likely to spend time debating, discussing problems, and making decisions
  • More likely to address unacceptable team behaviors promptly
  • More likely to give each other tough feedback
  • Less likely to have “undiscussables” that the team can’t talk openly about

These team members talk honestly and openly about team and individual team members’ strengths and challenges. And, because team members trust each other, they assume positive intent when the tougher conversations happen. Therefore, authentic and candid feedback is more easily heard and valued. It feels okay to be imperfect or to experience setbacks. It is less scary to be vulnerable.


Creating these teams takes time, but is well worth the effort! Think about how your team is going to pull together through our current crisis and invest in raising their self awareness now.

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By taking a humanistic approach and viewing people as “human beings” rather than “human doings” we set out to help organisations transform their performance by transforming their people. We are passionate about improving personal effectiveness at all levels within organisations.

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