Why you need a mix of extraverts and introverts working in your team …

This is a much discussed topic of debate; what is the right mix or balance of introversion and extroversion to make a truly effective team?

As a society, many often think of extroverts as doers, go-getters, superior team-players. Though the tide towards valuing individual strengths regardless of extroversion or introversion may be changing, extroverts are still often perceived as being more competent team members as they seem to get along with others more easily.

But as it turns out, studies have shown that extroverts sometimes do worse than they’re expected, and so lose status as they disappoint others, while introverts gain status as they exceed expectations for their group participation. In other words, extroverts can create great expectations because of the way they communicate, while introverts tend to undersell the expectations of their work. Neither is better or worse than the other, but a mix of different personality types on a team can help to balance out the effect.By mixing up introverts and extroverts, you are preventing setbacks caused by dips in your team’s morale as the contribution of each team member emerges.

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